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Want to learn Spanish?

We provide contact with high quality self employed teachers. The teachers we collaborate with have got a high level of university degrees, even with a doctor’s degree in Spanish philology and many years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The teacher can teach you “at home” or in a place dedicated and suitable for classes or even on the beach or on a café or on in a shopping situation or whatever you would prefer to get started with a ready-to-use Spanish learning.

Give us an idea about what you would like to learn, and the teacher will try to adapt to your needs.

After class you can practice your new knowledge talking with the local population of the area, most Spanish in this area hardly speak any English at all, and are most willing to help you make yourself understood in Spanish.

We also have the following accreditations:


Don´t forget our special offer, 10 lessons for just 100 euros via Skype. Elearning has became the most used system to learn languages all over the world. Surely you have more questions about these lessons, do we use a book?, do I have to buy something else?…etcetera

We use Study Spanish as the main web to the exercises. All of them are explained in English and works perfectly with any kind of student. The problem is that you can do the tests again and again until you reach a 100% of right answers. But that´s not learning, it´s guessing. To avoid this you can add me as a teacher (ID: FN834YP9) and then you´ll be able to ask me whatever you don´t understand and have more exercises provided by me as well.

Book your lessons at any time, any day of the week, safe money, time and learn spanish!

Contact: davidspanishlessons@gmail.com